Nonlinear Analysis of the Spatial Truss

  • Mandl, Peter (Co-Investigator (CoI))

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This dissertation refers to Guggenberger´s theory for the nonlinear calculation of the spatial framework, allowing arbitrary large displacements and arbitrary large deformations. This theory will be expanded in some parts by the author (taking into account the contraction of area).Formulations for the frame member will be deriviated and discussed for three definitions of deformations and their appropriate stress-definitions, with regard to arbitrary large displacements and arbitrary large deformations. In the case of material exerting linear behaviour, both the initial stress and contraction of the area will be taken into account, and in the case of material displaying non-linear behaviour, initial stress will also be given attention. The numerical solution will be explained in detail based on an application of a new consistent automatic variable-parameter control from Guggenberger. Flowcharts display a possible computer implementation. On this basis the author developed a computer programm. Finally, some examples (buckling of a three-hinge arch; approximation of a cylinder shell - buckling; etc.) are shown for the verification of the theory and some real examples (analysing the ultimate load of the corner of a reenforced concrete frame; large displacements of a cable-stayed facade with initial stress of the railway-station in Leipzig) have been calculated.
Effective start/end date1/03/95 → 31/01/98


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