Joining and corrosion tests for similar and dissimilar materials in a cooling compressor (UCC2018)

Project: Research project


Subject of this R&D project is to develop a technology platform in the light of new technologies (industry sector), current legislation, steadily rising efficiency standards and ever-increasing cost pressures. Under the main focus on energy efficiency new solutions and concepts have to be performed, with improvements in systems with long-term prospects, which promise a technological development of the household-compressor. These are the basic research oriented development activities. The goal is to use the findings and results in a further step toward the development of new compressor generations or a significant improvement of the existing compressors.
In the present R&D project Ultra Clean Compressor the energy efficiency is approached by analysis of the thermodynamic potential for improvement along the process issues in the compressor and of the entire temperature budget and the development of innovative concepts and tests.
In parallel, the technical and economic feasibility are investigated within the technology platform. In further consequence alternative materials such as (compound) plastic and aluminum are studied and practically tested.

Aims UCC
Development of new technologies for implementation of energy-efficient compres-sors in all performance of the company ACC (Fürstenfeld)
Reduction of material consumption and resource saving
Environmental compatibility of the coolant - complete switch from R134a on R600a
Increased cooling power for the same energy
Reducing of noise exposure
Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/12