CNGDiesel - Natural gas-diesel dual fuel engine to significantly reduce CO2 emissions for passenger car drivetrains [Original in Deutsch: Erdgas-Diesel Dual-Fuel-Verbrennungsmotor zur signifikanten CO2-Reduktion für Pkw-Antriebe]

Project: Research project

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The fulfilment of the legal requirements concerning CO2 emissions of 95 g/km for the pas-senger car segment from 2020 (and middle-term a decrease down to 75 g/km) requires enormous efforts in the development of existing drive units with liquid fuels. In addition to the electrification with hybrid systems and all-electric vehicles, the use of natural gas offers a very attractive, short-term viable alternative to significantly reduce CO2 emissions due to the lower C/H ratio. The tenor of the project is the development of a CO2-optimal gas-diesel dual-fuel combustion process based on a passenger car diesel engine taking into account the global emissions legislation. Thereby, CO2 savings of up to 25% should be realized without worsening the properties regarding emissions and acoustics.
Effective start/end date1/07/1431/12/15


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