SyFi - Simulation-assisted design of rpm-synchronous finishing processes (SynchroFinish) for high performance materials

Project: Research project

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The innovative rpm-synchronous grinding process, also known as SynchroFinish, is used for the production of round and arbitrarily non-round workpiece geometries, which is highly efficient (in terms of cost- and time saving) compared to conventional grinding processes. The SynchroFinish process has high potential to be used industrially in the future.

The aim of the SyFi project is to conduct fundamental research on the rpm-synchronous finishing process. Through simulation-supported process design (molecular dynamics simulation, MD), the applicability of the SynchroFinish process for high-performance materials is to be illustrated on a specially designed research grinding machine. Through application of simulation of the synchronous process at atomistic level, it is possible to completely dispense with material laws, which are subject to great uncertainty.

The Institute of Production Engineering (IFT) at Graz University of Technology was equipped with a unique grinding machine featuring the technical requirements for this rpm-synchronous grinding process in 2016. Initial test series have confirmed the expected potential. The topology of the grinding tool, the parameters of the dressing- and grinding processes and the material parameters must be matched to each other in order to make the process useful in series production (powertrain parts for combustion engines and electric-axis, optical industry, precision engineering).

The IFT develops the process know-how and provides experimental capacities. AC²T develops scale-independent simulation models of industrial manufacturing processes and has the metrological competence in tribological surface analysis.
The project partner contributes as system developer and research institute potential applications in the area of combustion engines technology and vehicle powertrains.
As the desired result, process parameters for the rpm-synchronous finishing process (SynchroFinish) will be calculated by means of the MD simulation. Subsequently near-series parts will be grinded with different tool-material combinations to realize defined surface topographies and the results will be evaluated.
Effective start/end date1/04/1830/09/20