RS+10k - Concept planning: wheelsets + 10k & freight car revision

Project: Research project

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Wheelset remanufacturing in Knittelfeld is one of the "best practice" examples in the maintenance network due to its high productivity, high degree of automation and advanced logistics concepts. Due to these characteristics, the companyhas been considering for several years how the existing potential of wheelset remanufacturing can be "optimally" exploited. Wheelset Remanufacturing (RS) shares an existing building (Hall 3) with Freight Car Revision (GW). Due to the conditions at the site in Knittelfeld and the characteristics of the existing RS production layout, the RS area can only be reasonably expanded by an additional area (currently GW area). Within the scope of this project, several concepts for a future capacity/productivity increase of the wheelset remanufacturing are to be elaborated. The local relationship of the RS and GW area requires a consideration of both areas.
Effective start/end date1/02/2331/12/23


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