FWF - EuroGIGA - Advanced Voronoi (Delaunay) Structures

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This CRP is devoted to the investigation of the geometric and algorithmic properties of geometric graphs, in
particular, those arising from spatial decompositions. This is an interesting and demanding topic, with many
aspects and applications, and remarkable relevant work has been done by the international scientific
community, particularly in Europe. This CRP is meant to unite these strong forces, to provide a fruitful and
sucessfull platform for a thorough investigation of this topic.The CRP is planned to consist of nine IPs from
six European countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland), which include those where
the tradition on the topics in this CRP is strong.
Four main structures will be investigated in this CRP: Voronoi diagrams, Skeletal structures, Variants of
triangulations, and Proximity graphs. These structures are interrelated, in a twofold sense. On the one hand,
there is a direct geometric link between them, stemming from their definition as distance-based spatial
structures. On the other, they share common features which allow their joint investigation on a higher level.
Both aspects bear high potential of successful collaboration between the (groups of) people who by and
large worked on these structures individually so far.
Effective start/end date15/06/1114/06/14


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