EDLRIS - European Driving License for Robots and Intelligent Systems

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The future development of the economy, prosperity and quality of life in Europe will strongly depend on the following factors. Modern processes and methods are crucial for competitive products on a global scale. Smart production as the interplay of robotics, computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) will become more and more important. Furthermore, novel and innovative products and services will be necessary to develop the economy sustainably. In order to enable such products young people with knowledge and skills in robotics and AI will be needed. An appropriate developed labour market will significantly contribute to the strategic goals (smart, sustainable, inclusive growth) given by the underlying cooperation programme. Novel ideas and improved human capital enable companies to generate qualitative jobs in the project region. All this will contribute to the strategic goals as well as the operative goal of strengthening the labour market. In order to achieve this we propose to establish a standardized training and certification system for young people in the areas of robotics and AI. The training will be on a high professional level allowing the young people to develop an exceptional and satisfying career. A professional certification system similar to the ECDL as well as the involvement of stakeholders (educational institutions, public institutions, companies, …) in the project development will foster a great acceptance of the provided training system and will also allow companies and educational institutions to recognize the obtained skills of young people. The "train the trainer" approach will allow to roll out the system in the entire project region. Because the above problems exist in all areas of the project region such a project needs to be developed in a cross-border fashion.
Effective start/end date1/05/1730/04/20
  • AI Literacy

    Martin Kandlhofer (Speaker)

    Oct 2019

    Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talk at conference or symposiumScience to public

  • Grundkompetenz KI und das Projekt EDLRIS

    Martin Kandlhofer (Speaker)

    21 Nov 2019

    Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talk at conference or symposiumScience to public

  • Educational Robotics in Österreich

    Gerald Steinbauer (Organiser), Martin Kandlhofer (Organiser), Johann Stockinger (Organiser) & Alexander Hofmann (Organiser)

    18 Jan 2019

    Activity: Participation in or organisation ofWorkshop, seminar or course (Participation in/Organisation of)