14_FFG_KoRe - Cost optimisation potential for electric motorcycle energy storage systems by allowing deformations during crash load cases

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Currently electric energy storage systems (EES) of electric motorcycles are designed in a
way, that mechanical loading (crash loading, impact loads in driving cycles, ...) doesnt lead
to any cell deformation, to prevent a thermal runaway of battery cells under any
circumstances, which can, in worst case scenarios, lead to fire or even explosion. However,
since battery cells, used in motorcycles today, do allow for a certain amount of deformation,
without dangerous damage, depending on the direction of loading, EES could be designed
significantly less robust and thus lighter in weight and less cost intense. Due to this fact,
within this research project, the theoretical cost and weight saving potential dependant of
permitted uncritical deformations shall be determined. For this purpose a parametric finite
element model of a generic EES concept will be optimised, using optimisation tools for
explicit finite element methods, with respect to a complex target function (manufacturing
costs, material costs, ) for a well-known load spectrum. Results from this project are
important informations for strategic decisions whether future EES-concepts for all different
kinds of motorcycle classes shall be designed in a way to allow a certain uncritical amount of
deformation in order to safe weight and costs while maintaining a sufficient safety margin.
Effective start/end date1/01/1531/12/16


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