Decoding reach-and-grasp actions from human low fequency EEG

  • Andreas Schwarz (Speaker)
  • Patrick Ofner (Contributor)
  • Joana Pereira (Contributor)
  • Müller-Putz, G. (Contributor)

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Despite the high number of degrees of freedom of the human hand, most actions of daily life can be executed incorporating only palmar, pincer
and lateral grasp. In this study we attempt to discriminate these three executed reach-and-grasp actions utilizing their EEG neural
correlates. Ultimately, we target to incorporate these findings in a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) driven neuroprosthesis which should enable
persons suffering from high spinal cord injury to perform basic grasps of daily life
Period20 Jul 2017
Event titlecuttingEEG
Event typeWorkshop
LocationGlasgow, United KingdomShow on map