The arrigo showcase reloaded—towards a sustainable link between 3D and semantics

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It is still a big technical problem to establish a relation between a shape and its meaning in a sustainable way. We present a solution with a markup method that allows for labeling parts of a 3D object very much like labeling parts of a hypertext. A 3D markup can serve both as hyperlink and as link anchor, which is the key to bidirectional linking between 3D objects and Web documents. Our focus is on a sustainable 3D software infrastructure for application scenarios ranging from email and Internet over authoring and browsing semantic networks to interactive museum presentations. We demonstrate the workflow and the effectiveness of our tools by redoing the Arrigo 3D Showcase. We are working towards a best practice example for information modeling in cultural heritage
FachzeitschriftACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2009

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