Crash safety optimisation method for the integration of the traction batteries into Powered-Two-Wheelers

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The number of electric powered two-wheelers (E-PTWs) shows a constant increase in the last years and most PTWs manufacturers have at least one E-PTW in their product portfolio. In order to achieve the desired performances high-energy batteries are used, which can lead to considerable hazards for people and the environment in case of damage, as for example in case of crash. Due the absence of crumble zones of E-PTWs and to the relevant influence on the vehicle dynamics that a battery protection structure can have, the safe integration of the traction battery represents a challenging process.
In this study, an optimization method for a crash safe integration of the traction batteries into E-PTWs is proposed.
Crash configurations for E-PTWs were analysed from the current literature and relevant scenarios were identified. The crash scenarios were used as inputs in a multi-step optimisation process, based on Finite Element Method, with the goal to identify the safest placement configuration of the cell in a representative vehicle and to define an optimal protection structure in case of crash.
The crash performance of the design concept was assessed through a substitutive crash and compared to a baseline concept of the traction battery.
The results showed that through the optimisation process, the intrusion into the traction battery could be reduced by 50 % in comparison with the baseline concept and a short circuit could be completely avoided without mass increase of the protection structure.
This method paved the way to achieve a safe integration of traction batteries in E-PTWs without affecting the mass and therefore the dynamic and the electric range of the vehicle negatively.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Okt 2020
Veranstaltung13th International Motorcycle Conference: Future Mobility - Virtual, Deutschland
Dauer: 1 Sep 20216 Okt 2021


Konferenz13th International Motorcycle Conference

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