Autonomous robot navigation for search and rescue operations in remote terrain

Publikation: KonferenzbeitragAbstractBegutachtung


Autonomous robot navigation received increasing attention in recent years. It aims to enable the navigation of a robot without the interaction of a human operator during its operation. The goal is to develop efficient and reliable systems that can be used in various situations. Thereby, the challenge arises that such systems must also be able to ensure safe and reliable navigation in unknown environments and situations. Especially disaster response robots often have to navigate in remote terrain, which represents a complex situation that has to be mastered. In order to improve the navigation in such a terrain and to improve the usability of a robot in dis-aster situations, this paper presents a navigation concept that allows to autonomously control a robot in remote areas. For this purpose, the required sensor technology and the hardware set-ting is briefly discussed, as well as the three central areas of robot navigation: localization, glob-al path planning and local motion control for obstacle avoidance.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2021
VeranstaltungDisaster Research Days 2021 - online, Virtuell
Dauer: 12 Okt 202114 Okt 2021


KonferenzDisaster Research Days 2021


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