Virtual Liver Surgery Planning: Segmentation of CT Data

  • Beichel, Reinhard, (Teilnehmer (Co-Investigator))
  • Leberl, Franz (Teilnehmer (Co-Investigator))

Projekt: Foschungsprojekt



The goal of this research is to develop a new clinically applicable method for 3D visualization and interactive quantitative assessment of liver tumors based on preoperative imaging modalities. The method should allow sufficiently accurate preoperative staging and better estimation of the functional liver capacity after surgery. We envision to lay the basis for a staging system of liver operations, to ultimately include cross imaging modalities, with the potential to evolve into a standard in liver surgery. not assigned GG: internal project of the Institute
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/04/0431/05/05


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Liver segment approximation in CT data for surgical resection planning

Beichel, R., Pock, T., Janko, C., Zotter, R. B., Reitinger, B., Bornik, A., Palagyi, K., Sorantin, E., Werkgartner, G., Bischof, H. & Sonka, M., 2004, SPIE Medical Imaging '04. ., S. 1435-1446

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Augmented-reality-based liver-surgical planning system

Werkgartner, G., Lemmerer, M., Hauser, H., Sorantin, E., Beichel, R., Reitinger, B., Bornik, A., Leberl, F. & Mischinger, H. J., 2003, in : European surgery. 36, 5, S. 270-274

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Computer Aided Liver Surgery Planning based on Augmented Reality Techniques

Bornik, A., Beichel, R., Reitinger, B., Gotschuli, G., Sorantin, E., Leberl, F. & Sonka, M., 2003, Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2003. 1 Aufl. Berlin [u.a.]: Springer Verlag, S. 249-253

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