Zero-sequence current blocking device for two phase AC systems

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Resonantly grounded power systems require fault
current limitation in order to meet current standards and to
ensure personal safety. A current limiting transformer (CLT),
based on an isolating transformer, is investigated here. The major
advantages of a CLT, compared to an isolating transformer, are
power derating, reduction of leakage reactance and thus reduced
losses and reactive power demand during operation.
MATLAB/Simulink® is used to investigate the electrical behavior
of the CLT. Simulations of a phase-to-ground fault are made to
proof the reduction of fault currents. Modelling the CLT in
symmetric components demonstrates the blocking mechanism for
the zero-sequence currents. In this context special attention has to
be paid to resonant currents in resonantly grounded networks,
when using the CLT.
Zeitraum3 Sep. 20196 Sep. 2019
Ereignistitel54th International Universities Power Engineering Conference
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  • current limiters
  • fault currents
  • power systems
  • power transmission
  • transformers

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