Analysis of High Frequency Data of a Machine Tool via Edge Computing

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New technological capabilities of digitalization are enablers of processing a broad range of machine data. While so-called Low-Frequency Data (LFD) is captured at a sampling rate of several hundred milliseconds, High-Frequency Data (HFD) is based on a sampling rate in the single-digit millisecond range. In this paper, HFD is used to implement an edge-based analytics application for prediction purposes in a machine tool. This edge application leverages Siemens SINUMERIK Edge to capture HFD from a machine tool to recognize anomalies of any kind. The edge application is implemented as a show case in the Learning Factory of Graz University of Technology, the smartfactory@tugraz.
Zeitraum17 Apr. 2020
Ereignistitel10th Conference on Learning Factories: CLF 2020
OrtVirtuell, Österreich

Fields of Expertise

  • Mobility & Production