11th EPIEM/TU Austria "Inter-University Seminar on Research Design": Workshop on Research Methods with Focus on Sustainability

Omazic, A. (Organisator/-in), Zunk, B. M. (Vorsitzende/r), Passer, A. (Vorsitzende/r), Karen Allacker (Vorsitzende/r), Omazic, A. (Teilnehmer/-in)

Aktivität: Teilnahme an / Organisation vonWorkshop, Seminar oder Kurs (Teilnahme an/Organisation von)


The seminar aims at the participants’ development of a research strategy and the development towards an appropriate research methodology. The plan is an intensive workshop on how to improve research questions, selecting a methodology and how to structure the research project.
The focus is on participants from social sciences as well as industrial engineering and management with a concrete plan to conduct publishable research.
Zeitraum28 Jan 2021
OrtGraz, Österreich

Fields of Expertise

  • Sustainable Systems

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