Transient 3D CFD Simulation of a Pelton turbine – A state of the art approach for Pelton turbine development and optimisation

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The complexity of the flow structure in Pelton turbines makes it challenging to gain a detailed insight into the local flow processes. However, CFD methods offer vast potential for developing and optimising Pelton turbines due to these complex flow conditions. In a comprehensive examination, a six-nozzle prototype Pelton turbine with 19 buckets has been investigated using 3D CFD simulations. First, the steady simulations of the manifold and the unsteady runner simulation have been performed with a mesh-based, commercial CFD code, whereby a two-equation turbulence model and the homogeneous two-phase model were used. Then, to limit the simulation time and the computational cost, symmetry was applied in the runner simulation, and also a sophisticated meshing strategy. Subsequently, the simulation results are analysed. The examination of the manifold provided a detailed insight into the occurrence of losses and local flow conditions, especially upstream the nozzle, which allows for a better understanding of the jet shape. Furthermore, the results of the runner simulation were analysed with special regard to the jet-bucket interaction from start to end of the impingement cycle of a particular bucket. Finally, the enhancement potential could be derived from the summary.
Translated title of the contributionTransiente 3D CFD Simulation einer Pelton Turbine – Ein Ansatz für die Entwicklung und die Optimierung einer Pelton Turbine nach dem Stand der Technik
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Title of host publicationProceedings of the Conference on Modelling Fluid Flow CMFF’22
EditorsJ. Vad
Place of PublicationBudapest
PublisherBudapest University of Technology and Economics
Number of pages9
ISBN (Electronic)978-963-421-881-4
Publication statusPublished - 2 Sep 2022
Event18th International Conference on Fluid Flow Technologies: CMFF 2022 - Budapest, Hungary
Duration: 30 Aug 20222 Sep 2022


Conference18th International Conference on Fluid Flow Technologies
Abbreviated titleCMFF '22

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