SnakeBinning: Efficient Temporally Coherent Triangle Packing for Shading Streaming

J. Hladky, H. P. Seidel, M. Steinberger

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Streaming rendering, e.g., rendering in the cloud and streaming via a mobile connection, suffers from increased latency and unreliable connections. High quality framerate upsampling can hide these issues, especially when capturing shading into an atlas and transmitting it alongside geometric information. The captured shading information must consider triangle footprints and temporal stability to ensure efficient video encoding. Previous approaches only consider either temporal stability or sample distributions, but none focuses on both. With SnakeBinning, we present an efficient triangle packing approach that adjusts sample distributions and caters for temporal coherence. Using a multi-dimensional binning approach, we enforce tight packing among triangles while creating optimal sample distributions. Our binning is built on top of hardware supported real-time rendering where bins are mapped to individual pixels in a virtual framebuffer. Fragment shader interlock and atomic operations enforce global ordering of triangles within each bin, and thus temporal coherence according to the primitive order is achieved. Resampling the bin distribution guarantees high occupancy among all bins and a dense atlas packing. Shading samples are directly captured into the atlas using a rasterization pass, adjusting samples for perspective effects and creating a tight packing. Comparison to previous atlas packing approaches shows that our approach is faster than previous work and achieves the best sample distributions while maintaining temporal coherence. In this way, SnakeBinning achieves the highest rendering quality under equal atlas memory requirements. At the same time, its temporal coherence ensures that we require equal or less bandwidth than previous state-of-the-art. As SnakeBinning outperforms previous approach in all relevant aspects, it is the preferred choice for texture-based streaming rendering.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)475-488
Number of pages14
JournalComputer Graphics Forum
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - May 2021


  • CCS Concepts
  • Computing methodologies → Rendering
  • Image-based rendering
  • object space shading
  • shading atlas
  • streaming
  • temporal coherence
  • texture-space shading
  • Texturing
  • Virtual reality
  • virtual reality

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