Method for producing cross-linked elastomer

Wolfgang Kern (Inventor), Armin Temel (Inventor), Franz Stelzer (Inventor), Richard Ehrenfeldner (Inventor), A. Holzner (Inventor), Raimund Schaller (Inventor), Michael Höchtl (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

Original languageGerman
Patent numberUS 530338
Publication statusSubmitted - 8 Sep 2006


New strategies for the crosslinking of rubber latices

Kern, W.


Project: Research project

Elastomer Chemistry

Kern, W. & Stelzer, F.


Project: Research area

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Kern, W., Temel, A., Stelzer, F., Ehrenfeldner, R., Holzner, A., Schaller, R., & Höchtl, M. (2006). Method for producing cross-linked elastomer. Manuscript submitted for publication. (Patent No. US 530338).