LOBSTER Final Report

Klaus Aichhorn, Driton Kuci, Carmen Sommer, Claudia Fösleitner, Ioana Koglbauer, Petra Hafner, Thomas Moder, Manfred Wieser, Salvatore Sylvester Valeskini, Thomas Bernoulli, Ulrich Walder, Klaus Witrisal, Heimo Krajnz

Research output: Book/ReportOther reportResearch

StatusPublished - 2013

Fields of Expertise

  • Information, Communication & Computing

Treatment code (Nähere Zuordnung)

  • Application

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Aichhorn, K., Kuci, D., Sommer, C., Fösleitner, C., Koglbauer, I., Hafner, P., ... Krajnz, H. (2013). LOBSTER Final Report. .

LOBSTER Final Report. / Aichhorn, Klaus; Kuci, Driton; Sommer, Carmen; Fösleitner, Claudia; Koglbauer, Ioana; Hafner, Petra; Moder, Thomas; Wieser, Manfred; Valeskini, Salvatore Sylvester; Bernoulli, Thomas; Walder, Ulrich; Witrisal, Klaus; Krajnz, Heimo.

., 2013.

Research output: Book/ReportOther reportResearch

Aichhorn, K, Kuci, D, Sommer, C, Fösleitner, C, Koglbauer, I, Hafner, P, Moder, T, Wieser, M, Valeskini, SS, Bernoulli, T, Walder, U, Witrisal, K & Krajnz, H 2013, LOBSTER Final Report. .
Aichhorn K, Kuci D, Sommer C, Fösleitner C, Koglbauer I, Hafner P et al. LOBSTER Final Report. ., 2013.
Aichhorn, Klaus ; Kuci, Driton ; Sommer, Carmen ; Fösleitner, Claudia ; Koglbauer, Ioana ; Hafner, Petra ; Moder, Thomas ; Wieser, Manfred ; Valeskini, Salvatore Sylvester ; Bernoulli, Thomas ; Walder, Ulrich ; Witrisal, Klaus ; Krajnz, Heimo. / LOBSTER Final Report. ., 2013.
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T1 - LOBSTER Final Report

AU - Aichhorn, Klaus

AU - Kuci, Driton

AU - Sommer, Carmen

AU - Fösleitner, Claudia

AU - Koglbauer, Ioana

AU - Hafner, Petra

AU - Moder, Thomas

AU - Wieser, Manfred

AU - Valeskini, Salvatore Sylvester

AU - Bernoulli, Thomas

AU - Walder, Ulrich

AU - Witrisal, Klaus

AU - Krajnz, Heimo

PY - 2013

Y1 - 2013

M3 - Sonstiger Bericht

BT - LOBSTER Final Report

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