Virtual Welding NEXT - Integration of virtual and augmented simulation and real welding

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Through the research and development of innovative and efficient methods, a novel training simulator
shall be developed for welding, which enables a smooth transition between the virtual training and the
real environment, to improve the flexibility and usability of welding as core technology
in production in Industry 4.0.
The system prototype, including housing, burner, the helmet and the table) including the virtual welding processing
unit is to be remodelled as realistically as possible. The concept includes the design and development
of an intuitive graphical user interface to enable users the operation of the welding machine in a fast
and economic manner, at the same time enriching the know-how of the user and the understanding of safety and
working concepts.
The project Virtual Welding NEXT shall lower emotional barriers to use virtual and augmented reality technology and
aims at an improved excitement in welding, enabling the actual usage of gained theoretical know-how in a production
environment. Novel technologies in power supply technology, data communication and visualization improve the
user experience and user efficiency, assisted by simulations and optimization procedures, likewise helping the
training personnel to plan and guide learning and teaching experiences and interactive operation.
Effective start/end date1/05/1730/04/20


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