TRUCONF - Trust via cost function driven model based test case generation for non-functional properties of systems of systems

Project: Research project


TRUCONF sets out to increase trust in and reliability of systems of systems, going beyond the standard
notion of functional correctness. It will focus on emergent non-functional properties of complex
composed systems and extend - as well as adopt - well-established modelling, verification and testing
techniques. In closing the modelling-testing loop, TRUCONF will also explore automated nonfunctional
property learning techniques. Outcome of TRUCONF will be a language for rigorous system
design, backed by theory and tools that allow the thorough, systematic and efficient validation of
diverse non-functional properties of a system of systems. TRUCONF was motivated by the real-world
needs of the industry partner and will, once successful, help increasing its competitiveness in a global
Effective start/end date1/11/1431/10/17