The Aesthetical Dimension of Modern Art. Transformational Processes in Architecture and Art since 1800 ( Karin Wilhelm)

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Since about 1800, art theory has developed a system of difference in the classical/romantic dichotomy, a system that represents the ¿dialectics of enlightenment¿ and its paradigms in the arts. The arts have since commented on these models and their implications in various ways, transrorming them into different aesthetic models. Special attentions is paid to: - heroic subject and drive structure - avant-gardism and mass art - reconstruction of sensuousness. The word focus includes art production and its foundations in art theory of the 19th and 20th centuries, i.a. the following topics: - the concept of beauty and the sublime (1900 vs. 1900, e.g. J.J. Winckelmann, F. Schiller, F. Gilly and others, F. Nietzsche, H. Poelzig, i.a. monumental sculpture) - Bauhaus (painting, architecture, design) - between action and contemplation - art after 1945 (B. Newman, J. Pollock, Wiener Aktionismus, contemporary architecture).
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/03


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