Sys.Wood - System optimisation in Austrian timber construction

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The share of timber structures in building construction in Austria is growing continuously. The complexity of the requirements and the possibilities of digitalisation and automation evolve rapidly. In the research project, the common thread of planning, prefabrication, construction and use of the buildings is taken up in order to generate new interfaces, methods and principles for system optimisation in Austrian timber construction. The project goals include optimisation in timber construction through improved personnel and digital processes and new approaches in the links between the planning, production and assembly processes. On the basis of life cycle considerations, new planning approaches based on the 3Rs principle of ecology - repair, reuse, recycle - will be developed for a sustainable and innovative value chain of the future in order to minitiate new and innovative business fields for timber construction in Austria and to contribute to the conservation of resources. The phases of prefabrication and assembly are ecologically evaluated and compared depending on the degree of automation. In order to increase quality, innovative paths are being taken in the communication of central methods from lean management with reference to timber construction and the small-structured companies in Austria. The influences of digitalisation and automation will be incorporated into quality management. The results of the project provide the basis for the development of a sustainable value chain and will be made available to Austrian companies in the timber construction sector in form of publications and a cooperative online knowledge platform.
Effective start/end date1/03/2328/02/26


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