Symul8 - Symbiotic simulation platform for the adaptation of traffic rules for automated driving

Project: Research project

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In addition to the technological and organizational developments in automated road transport, changes in traffic regulations must also be considered. Traffic flow simulation offer a possibility to evaluate the effects of different legal framework conditions at low cost. SYMUL8 is a modular transnational simulation platform for the modelling of automated driving functions using existing traffic flow simulation systems (SUMO and PTV VISSIM) considering:
- automated driving functions of different automation levels depending on vehicle category
- typical infrastructure segments of the high-level road network (D-A-CH)
- Use of single vehicle data (trajectories) for calibration of traffic flow models
- Analysis of environmental and weather influences on the traffic flow
- Integration of digital infrastructure in the simulation environment (C2X communication)
- Consideration of country-specific traffic regulations with implications for automated driving
Effective start/end date1/10/2030/09/22