Substituent Influences on Electronic Properties of Polysilanes

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A major goal of the current project is the systematic
modification of distinct properties of oligo- and
polysilanes like UV-absorption or electronic conductivity
by substituent effects. Answers to the following questions
are given particular attention: 1.) How far can substitution
shift the UV-absorption of oligo- and polysilanes to lower
energies? 2.) To what extent are Si-Si-frameworks transparent
for electronic effects? 3.) How is the electronic structure
of Si-Si-backbones affected by substitution? After primary
studies using defined oligosilane substrates, potentially
active substituents will be introduced into polysilane high
polymers in order to investigate their influence on
macroscopic properties like NLO-behaviour, conductivity,
electroluminescence etc.
Effective start/end date1/02/97 → …


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