STEK Villach - Urban development concept for the city of Villach

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The revision of the urban development concept 2000 (STEK 2000) of the city of Villach offers the possibility to strike a new path concerning contents and process. On the one hand the project focuses on the "sustainable, energy-efficient urban development" and on the other hand stakeholders and citizens participation is realized consequently. Beside local stakeholder and external project partners, several institutes of the Graz University of Technology are involved in the planning process in order to contribute know-how and innovations of different departments. Current topics in the city of the future, like urban mobility, urban living and employment, renewable energy systems as well as new governance models and participation are treated. The ISV leads the working groups urban infrastructure and environment & resources. Within the project international trends and best-practice examples of policies and urban planning strategies in European cities are analyzed first. Existing strategies, planning concepts as well as potentials and challenges of the city of Villach are examined in a next step. Based on the results main themes and objectives of a sustainable urban development are defined and focus areas are located spatially. The final document includes recommendations and exemplifies measures to achieve the objectives.
Effective start/end date1/03/1431/08/15


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