Solid biomass gasification for fuel cells (sponge iron reactor SIR)

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The research project deals with the gasification process of solid biomass and different facilities of reforming, cleaning or conditioning the synthesis (biomass) gases. Here the production of hydrogen from gasified biomass is investigated by the sponge iron process or steam iron process. The gas cleaning in the sponge iron reactor (SIR) takes place in two steps: In the reduction step the reactor is flushed with biomass gas. The biomass gas reduces the contact mass (iron oxide pellets) to iron. A lean gas leaves the reactor which still contains hydrogen and carbon monoxide and may be used for electric power or heat generation in a consecutive process. In the second step the iron is oxidised by steam and hydrogen is produced. This hydrogen is utilized in a fuel cell.
Effective start/end date1/01/9528/02/99


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