SEE HYDROPOWER - Targeted to improve water resource management for a growing renewable energy production

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SEE HYDROPOWER is based on the European Directive on the promotion of Electricity from
Renewable Energy Sources (RES-e) respect to the Kyoto protocol targets, that aims to establish an
overall binding target of 20% share of renewable energy sources in energy consumption and a 10%
binding minimum target for biofuels in transport to be achieved by each Member State, as well as
binding national targets by 2020 in line with the overall EU target of 20%. Objectives of the SEE
HYDROPOWER deals with the promotion of hydro energy production in SEE countries, by the
optimization of water resource exploitation, in a compatible way with other water users, and following
environmental friendly approaches. Main activities of the project concerns the definition of policies,
methodologies and tools for a better water & hydropower planning and management; the
establishment of common criteria for preserving water bodies; to assess strategies to improve
hydropower implementation (such as SHP);
; testing studies in pilot catchments of partner countries; promotion and dissemination of project
outcomes among target groups all over the SEE Region countries. The partnership significantly
represents not only the SEE countries but also includes a well balanced mixing of public
administrations (5 partners) & agencies (2 partners) ruling hydropower development and related
water bodies conservation; and scientific & research institutions (5 partners) having the most
advanced technology and standard background applied to water management and hydropower
generation. All partners have on field specific experience in their own country issues and represent a
wider local/regional partnership not formally involved in the project but strictly connected to policy
and water management. Target groups representatives from SEE countries are reinforced by the
presence of 6 Observer partners (AHP, ELEM, ESHA, ASSOELE, ENERGAP, APER).
Effective start/end date1/06/0931/10/12


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