SAXS-EnzymsZIFS - Linking chemistry and phase evolution in metal-O2/S batteries via in situ SAXS - Enzymes@ZIFS: Synthesis and characterization of new bio-composites for Biocatalysis

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Main goal of the project ist to strengthen the collaboration between the two project partners. It consists of two subprojects: Subproject A: Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and, in particular, MOF-based biocomposites have demonstrated unprecedented properties suitable for applications in protection and delivery of biopharmaceuticals, biosensing, biocatalysis, and cell and virus manipulations. The goal of this subproject is: 1) to create a versatile platform for the development of bio-composites based on the encapsulation of biomacromolecules into ZIF-based materials.; 2) to achieve a precise control of their physicochemical and functional properties. Subproject B: Making electrochemical energy storage economically and ecologically sensible on a very large scale requires eliminating the critical elements in current Li-Ion batteries (Co, Ni, Mn). Oxygen and sulphur electrochemistry is in many respects ideal. They are best used in the cathodes of metal-O2 and metal-S batteries with, e.g., Li, Na, Mg, and Al anodes. The latter are the focus of this study.
Effective start/end date1/08/2130/07/24


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