RMSF - Road marking and signs for the future

Project: Research project

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Thus, the main aim of this study is to provide the Commission services with up-to-date information to support the work with the MS’ experts. In relation to the Commission needs, the study needs to:
▪ Compile and analyse the findings of the work carried out by the MS’ expert group as well as the expert sub-group 1 “Road Markings & Signs” set up under the EGRIS Road marking and signs for the future - RMSF Study on common specifications for road markings and signs
▪ Identify procedures, practices and methodologies currently used by EU MS’ authorities as well as internationally (outside EU)
▪ Carry out a review of to date or future market available ADAS systems that interact with infrastructure, in particular road markings and signs
▪ Prepare an exhaustive compilation of recommended specifications to be set out at a common level for road markings and signs, as well as a compilation of gaps to be filled in that regard in the various MS.
Effective start/end date1/10/2031/12/22