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QUICKWAY is an integral concept of mobility for people and minor goods in large cities. This
concept is based on additional traffic area which is used by diverse driverless vehicles that
are controlled by a central electronic controlling system. The controller uses information
about the current position as well as the desired destination of all QUICKWAY users at the
same time and calculates the fastest routes with minimised stops, which finally increases the
traffic capacity by more than thousand percent. The outlined project focuses on the
necessary elevated roadways (QUICKWAYs) made of UHPC, the construction progress of
which is intended to be 400 m per week and construction site. Engineering and scientific
investigation on the structural design, the manufacture and the erection are completed by a
probabilistic quantification of lifecycle costs on the one hand and by analyses on the social
interaction between QUICKWAYs and the resident population on the other hand.
Effective start/end date1/09/1331/08/16


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