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QnHT 2.0 is a funding project of the Austrian research promotion agency initiated by Human.technology Styria. Together with two other educational partners and in cooperation with lecturers from the Educational Technology department and the Institute of General Management and Organisation at TU Graz, TU Graz Life Long Learning will develop and carry out a training programme for 15 corporate partners. The content of the training programme will focus on the latest technological developments in software for medical devices with regards to safety standards, usability and security of mobile apps. In the area of analytics, the training programme will cover the most up to date technical developments for surfaces, testing methods, as well as new technologies/methods in laboratory diagnostics. Meeting the challenges arising within the context of industry 4.0, particularly in the life sciences Industry, requires special skills in the area of business development in a regulated market, expertise in the area of technology scouting and impact assessment as well as in strategic R&D management, and knowledge of intellectual property protection in a global healthcare industry. The aim of this project is to further increase the amount of R&D carried out by human technology companies, already high at 22.35%, and to ensure that innovations reach the market.
Effective start/end date1/10/1430/09/16


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