QnHT 3.0 - Qualification Network Human Technology 3.0 - Medical Product Development Cycle and Value Chain

Project: Research project


Main focus of the project „QnHT 3.0“ is the medical device development cycle and the
corresponding value chain with all its quite complex requirements. Especially young, small,
innovative companies often have knowledge deficits in the development of professional
project frameworks in the development of a medical device.
The course program is designed for medical companies and is divided according to the
medical product development cycle and its corresponding value chain management in 7
subgroups of courses which are organised in respective work packages (AP2 - AP7).
The project partners - both start-ups and established, larger companies - have from a holistic
perspective - significant deficiencies in knowledge for professional product development,
business development and successful commercialization of their product ideas in this highly
regulated and complex business area. This comprehensive course program enables the
project partners, depending on their identified "knowledge gaps", efficient work on their
weaknesses by sending key staff to the respective classes.
The overall aim of this project is to further increase the already high R & D ratio of over 20%
in the human technology enterprises and ensure the arrival of medical innovations in the
markets. Qualification within this consortia (intercompany learning) should also open up
further opportunities for cooperation. Likewise, the networking between industry and local
academia – which has outstanding expertise in the field of medical technology, could lead to
long-term cooperation subsequently.
Effective start/end date1/10/1630/11/18