Project V.A.3 within the Scientific and Technical Cooperation between Austria and China „Development of efficient procedures for discrete optimization problems“

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    This project is a continuation of the cooperation between
    the combinatorial optimization group in Graz and the
    Department of Mathematics at the Zhejiang University in
    Hangzhou, China. This cooperation within the framework of
    the Agreement of Scientific and Technical Cooperation
    between Austria and China has been started in 1991. In the
    period from 1998-2000 the main aim is to continue and
    extend the already available results on efficiently solvable
    cases of travelling salesman problems respectively
    partitioning problems to larger classes of problems. Another
    topic of joint interest is the design and analysis of
    efficient off-line and on-line approximation algorithms for
    various classes packing and covering problems as well as for
    a variety scheduling problems.

    not assigned GG: Abkommen über Wissenschaftlich-Technische
    Zusammenarbeit zwischen der Republik Österreich und der Volksrepublik China
    Effective start/end date1/01/9531/12/00


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