Preparation and investigation of photoreactive polymers for applications with excimer lasers

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The aim of the project is the preparation and investigation
of polymers containing photosensitive units, which behave different
under Hg-lamp and excimer laser UV irradiation. Materials of
this kind have potential interest for applications as laser-specific
photoresists. The investigation is focused on polymers which
contain benzil or benzylester units in the main chain or as pendant
side groups. The polymers are irradiated under monochromatic, continuous
Hg-lamp irradiation and under pulsed excimer laser irradiation. The
behaviour of the polymers under both light sources is compared.
Analytical techniques comprise sol/gel analysis and spectroscopic
methods. In order to obtain information about the photoreactions occurring,
low-molecular-weight model compounds are also under investigation.
and under pulsed
Effective start/end date1/01/9630/06/98


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