PACube - Passive Reflectometer Correlator unit for CubeSat

Project: Research project

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Based on an existing ASIC/FPGA development for a scientific earth observation instrument
the feasibility for implementation on a CubeSat platform shall be investigated.
The ASIC/FPGA implementation (PACO) which was funded within an ESA program, targets
the monitoring of reflected microwave signals from GNSS (global navigation satellite system)
space vehicles on the earth surface. These reflections are considered to contain important
information about earth (oceanic) surface conditions as well as atmospheric shear wind
The targeted general purpose platform is used for the OPS-SAT mission (without scientific
payload on board) currently developed by TU-Graz to demonstrate the suitability of this
platform for scientific missions under mission control of ESOC.
The goal of this project is to proof the feasibility of combining these two opportunities to a
hardware demonstrator with a twofold scope: One one hand the feasibility of a meaningful
scientific mission on a nanosatellite is demonstrated and on the other hand the signal
processing core of a combine altimeter and scatterometer is validated on hardware.
Effective start/end date1/01/1531/12/16