OptiKom-F - Optical Broadband-Communication through the Air

Project: Research project


The project OptiKom-F investigates the usage of optical free space propagation instead of conventional broadband transmission systems like fiber or radio links. In the first phase optical transmission systems including relevant standards were reviewed. In phase 2 measurements were carried out using a free-space trial link between the institute (Inffeldgasse 10) and Lustbühel Observatory. Detailed measurement results for different weather conditions were obtained over a period of more than a year. Additionally, low cost point-to-multipoint equipment was designed.
The research Projekt OptiKom-F is followed by LEDKom-F (FSO with LED's) and LiFu-St (FSO-net Styria Mobile Networks in the last Mile).
Since 2005 new investigations of additional PhD-students increase the scientific outcome.
Effective start/end date1/01/00 → …