Non-conforming FEM/BEM Coupling for Wave Propagation in Poroelastic Media

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Research Area

In many engineering applications wave propagation phenomena in coupled domains
have to be studied, e.g., a dam-reservoir system. Unbounded domains
with a linear description of the domain are effectively treated
by the Boundary Element Method (BEM), whereas non-linear bounded
domains are treated well by the Finite Element Method (FEM). That is
why often a coupled approach of both methodologies is used.

With Mortar methods different mesh sizes and different physical domains,
e.g., a poroelastic domain and a fluid domain, can be coupled

State of the Art

Both, poroelastic FE and BE formulations exist to solve wave
propagation problems numerically. Based on Biot's theory of
poroelasticity [1,2] a time dependent BE formulation was published by
Schanz [4]. Also poroelastodynamic FE formulations are
given, e.g., by Zienkiewicz et al. [5].

Unfortunately, for poroelastic continua not too much publication on a
FE/BE coupling are available, especially with non-conforming
interfaces. FE/BE coupling which enables different meshes can be
achieved with Mortar Methods as published for elastodynamics
in [3].

Project Topics

The aim of this project is to formulate, analyse, implement, and provide an
efficient simulation tool based on a coupled finite and boundary
element method for poroelastodynamics.

The key points of this project are
  • to develop a well modularized software, using existing libraries
    (FEM, BEM),
  • to establish a Mortar formulation for FE/BE coupling,
  • to formulate coupling conditions for multi-physic problems,
    e.g., for a coupling of a fluid and poroelastic domain.



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Effective start/end date1/08/0831/08/14


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