iEnergy 2.0 Weiz-Gleisdorf The Power of a Vision!

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The project "iENERGY Weiz-Gleisdorf 2.0 the power of a vision!"
is built on the energy vision 2050 of the energy region Weiz-Gleisdorf.
It is the aim of this project to visually anticipate this vision in form of single demonstration
projects, i.e. public visualization of visionary complete solutions within the context of "Smart
Cities" or "Smart Urban Regions", renewable energy, energy efficiency and regional
energetic autonomy.
Complete sustainable solutions arise mainly from the involvement of citizens - the use of
innovative technologies or their integration into intelligent products and services and their
user-oriented demonstration are important stimuli for the energy awareness, both on group
and individual levels.
Thus, this project is an important building block for an accelerated development of the energy
region towards its vision.
Effective start/end date1/06/1231/01/16