Magellan - a Multimodal Authoring and Gaming Environment for Location-based coLlaborative AdveNtures

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Computer games represent a vast economic market, a key driver of technology, and an increasingly powerful
medium for a broad range of applications. The latest wave of innovation for computer games is mobile and,
more precisely, location-based. These outdoors mobile experiences are radically different from traditional
computer games or their mobile equivalent. They focus the players attention on the real world around them as
much as on the digital world of the game, aiming to create a powerful juxtaposition of the two.
Although location-based gaming is an industry on the verge of explosive growth, the creation and deployment of
such experiences, especially those involving multiple participants, is simply out of reach for the vast majority of
creative industries and authors because of the blend of many cutting-edge technologies they require, their hard
to master limitations, and the complex gaming concepts they employ.
The first objective of MAGELLAN is to deliver an unprecedented authoring environment based on visual
authoring principles in order to enable non-programmers, as well as more advanced users, to cost-effectively
author and publish multi-participant location-based experiences. The second objective is to deliver a scalable
web platform featuring social networking means and supporting the publication, browsing and execution of
a massive number of such experiences. Finally, MAGELLAN will produce a series of guides for authors of
location-based experiences that will constitute a reference for interested people as well as a foundational
document for future research in the field.
To achieve this, MAGELLAN will adopt a holistic approach integrating interdisciplinary research involving a
complementary group of world-class experts from multiple scientific and technological domains. A user-centred
approach will be adopted in order to place end-users, represented by the 5 SMEs partners and the open User
Group members, at the heart of the project.
Effective start/end date1/10/1330/09/17


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