M7174 - Project "Road Safety and Automated Mobility M7174" Research fieldof Psychology/Sociology

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With the "Automated Mobility Action Package 2019-2022", the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) has created an instrument that is intended to ensure the sensible and efficient use of automated mobility in terms of traffic and to strengthen Austria's competitive position in the international environment. The action package creates the framework conditions to promote a wide range of measures. In particular, the action package includes measures in the area of human-machine interaction to ensure safe handling of automated systems (road safety). The funding of these two measures of the action package is financed from the funds of the Road Safety Fund (VSF) established at the BMK. For the implementation of measures 7.1 and 7.4 of the action package, the client requires support services from the field of psychology/sociology. These include the conception and implementation of surveys, focus groups or interviews, e.g. in the subject area of information material and operating instructions on driver assistance systems and their understanding for users, the conception and implementation of practical tests with vehicles with driver assistance systems and/or use of corresponding driving simulators against the background of the complexity of handling the systems as well as the extensive evaluation of the results of these conducted methods. Knowledge in the field of general methods for the assessment of road users and traffic behavior, cognitive methods of traffic behavior research as well as methods of thematically specific information transfer and in the field of traffic education are required. Demonstrable experience with the topic of "automated driving", in particular driver assistance systems, and related practical experience, e.g. practical tests and/or driving simulator (which is to be deposited accordingly with references), is required.
Effective start/end date1/03/221/12/22


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