LENA - Efficient system for sustained support of the entire roadworks life cycle

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At present, the management of roadworks differs distinctively between the primary and the communal road network: - For all subprocesses of the roadworks management, specific software solutions exist. However, these components do not communicate with each other. Thus, an integrated information overview and a consistent communication exchange is missing. - The evaluation of the effects of roadworks on traffic flows is restricted to the initial planning phase. In the further process, no further evaluation steps are taken. For this reason, adaptions to changing conditions or wrong planning actions can only be taken with delay or not at all. - No coordination between different planned roadworks under consideration of their interdependent effects on traffic flows is conducted, especially not between different authorities. - Direct communication with traffic participants is mostly established only through static traffic signs. C-ITS communication methods, which are currently in practical use on motorways, are not applied on typical inner-city traffic problems. - The constructional logistics (meaning the internal logic of construction handling) are mostly isolated from traffic related processes. Thus, potential synergies for the reduction of transportation efforts and costs can’t be used. LENA aims to improve the management of roadworks in communal areas by - establishing an information platform which covers the holistic process of roadworks management. This provides all involved people with recent and detailed information. - dynamizing roadworks management and creating information flows between formerly isolated processes of planning and coordination. - enhancing the communication to traffic participants by adapting C-ITS technologies for communal roadworks. - combining traffic related aspects with internal organisational processes of roadworks management. Significant outcomes of LENA are a process handbook for the communal roadworks management, demonstrators of the information platform and the dynamic roadworks management, a pilot test in an actual roadworks operation – presumably in Graz – and an innovative business model, which considers both the interests of administrative authorities and constructors.
Effective start/end date1/09/1631/08/18


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