LaneS – C-ITS - Automatic generation of navigation lane specific networks in urban areas for cooperative driving

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In the research project ‘LaneS’, a methodology was developed to reliably derive lane-specific road network graphs from standard GNSS-data on motorways. Based on that, ‘LaneS-C-ITS’ focuses on creating lane-specific road network graphs and traffic messages in complex, urban street networks for the purpose of C-ITS services and automated driving. Lane-specific traffic messages, which are georeferenced using highly precise map data, are relevant for automated driving, as they deliver a priori information on road and traffic conditions and thus facilitate the calculation of adequate driving strategies. Moreover, the predictive calculation of vehicle trajectories is supported, which helps to improve the calibration of passive safety systems of automated vehicles. Traditional map vendors in the navigation market (HERE, TomTom) have identified the demand for lane-specific road network graphs as important data source for automated driving and are currently conducting extensive efforts to develop respective data sources. However, the public sector, infrastructure operators, service providers or research facilities do not have comparable digital street maps.
Effective start/end date1/09/1628/02/18


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