K-ComBioPro - Computational BioProcess Design

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The aim of this project is to transfer the simulation technology for stirred and aerated (bio-) reactors developed in the course of the bridge project "aiBAT" into an industrially usable software program by founding a company. The development of the modules necessary for industrial projects, the partial automation of the post-processing and an expanded market and competition analysis as the basis for a business and financial plan, should result in a worldwide unique program package, which on the one hand can be sold as license software and on the other hand can serve as the basis for an offer of engineering services.
The simulation technology developed from scratch is based on scientific "First Principles" and runs completely (and therefore quickly) on graphics processors, making it unrivalled. Further application areas of the software as well as detailed customer feedback are explored or obtained during customer visits and stakeholder workshops.
The market chances of the software are: (1) Replacement of costly laboratory and pilot plant trials for scale-up or deviation management, (2) acceleration of market launch and (3) support of regulatory approvals for state-of-the-art drugs (e.g. monoclonal antibodies). By using scientific methods, trial and error can be replaced and millions in losses can be minimized. Thus the object of the company is also an important building block in the digitalization of a rather conservative industry and a building block in the trend towards "Industry 4.0".
Effective start/end date1/12/1931/05/21