Intensified Density - A small scale densifiation strategy with using modular construction

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In our project “Intensified Density”, which is part of the research programme “Stadt der Zukunft”
(City of the Future), we would like to investigate whether a small scale densification
strategy for the suburbs / intermediary cities, using modular construction, and existing infrastructure
on empty plots of land, can offer a competing alternative to not only the sprawl of
single family dwellings but also to large projects which apply technology to achieve sustainable
architecture and urban planning. “Intensified Density” is a reaction to the growing urban
sprawl, which The Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning has recognised since the 1990s
as needing to be restrained.
In order to counteract this expansion of residential developments, within the framework of
“Intensified Density” new developments in the building industry will be used, and modular
building techniques will be investigated for densification strategies which are able to demonstrate
the necessary flexibility to respond to each respective context, and offer cost efficient
alternatives. While prefabricated and standardized building techniques are usually planned
independently from their future surroundings, “Intensified Density” intends to research how
such structures can be connected to existing technical and social infrastructure, and activate
and develop their potential.
This comprehensive approach is to be understood as part of a process of rethinking, where
the usual roles of architects and urban planners are extended and become part of a shift that
allows society's current problems to be identified, researched and changed, sustainably.
With “Intensified Density” we are creating added value in terms of urban planning, through
which existing problems in the intermediary city can be highlighted, analysed and rendered
able to be solved. Therefore, applicable solutions will be sought, in cooperation with an interdisciplinary
international research team, external experts, as well as incorporation of the project
into the teaching content, using architectural design and analytical methods.
A long term goal is implementation in the form of a pilot project in cooperation with a local
authority, housing association or developer, and companies within the construction industry.
In addition to the development of a modular but needs – oriented form of building, in the form
of a pilot project that can adapt to specific contexts, a multi-criteria catalogue will be created,
which contains possibilities for the development of new proposals and methods for densification
which are locally based and have international relevance.
The project “Intensified Density” should demonstrate possibilities, activate dormant land and
inspire visions of contextually anchored, futuristic, denser small scale forms of residential
Effective start/end date1/02/1730/04/18


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