Infopoints - Infopoints Murau Phase 2

  • Fend, Florian (Co-Investigator (CoI))

Project: Research project

Project Details


The 'Twist' Pavilion was created in the masterstudio project with 16 Masterstudents in wintersemester 17/18 at TU Graz. The goal of the cooperation was to design, plan and implement one-to-one info point prototypes for the Murau adventure area with architecture students during this master‘s course. This prototype should serve as a basic concept for a series of info points in and around Murau. The prototype was built without professionals only by the students under the guidance of the lecturers. The design with the unique concept of twisted slats to the one-to-one implementation. All components were manufactured in the LBS Murau within four days using a CNC joinery system. The on-site assembly at the Campus Alte Technik in Graz took 4 days. The Infopoint 'Twist' built by the students thus provides the conceptual, creative and technical basis for the planning and execution of 8 further info points at different locations in the Murau region. The know-how developed during the semester: the developed design tools as well as the intellectual property of the 'Twist' project is also owned by the Institute of Architecture and Media. The further processing of the concept for the Infopoints Erlebnisraumdesign Murau, developed at the Institute of Architecture and Media, and subsequently also the planning and artistic direction for their implementation in the Murau region cannot be given to third parties.
Effective start/end date1/12/1830/05/19


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