Impacts on Load-Flow through Decentralised Generation

  • Sakulin, Manfred (Principal Investigator (PI))

Project: Research project

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In the project, the transmission losses and the voltage dependency of the consumer loads will be taken into account in the load-flow conditions. Based on a medium voltage model grid, the following questions are investigated: How much does the decentralised generation contribute to the reduction of the central supply? How and which amount are transmission losses changing? And finally: Which amount of the power respectively consumption changes are due to the voltage dependency of the loads? In detail, the study will cover an overhead line and a cable line grid, fed by the central grid, on the one hand, and by distributed generation units, like wind parks at selected points, on the other. The load factors of the decentralised generation and the voltage dependency of the loads will be varied. In the calculations, the usual load-flow criteria - the voltage level and the loading capacity of the lines, as well as the problem of network disturbances - must be considered. not assigned GG: EVU not assigned KP: EVU
Effective start/end date1/01/0131/01/03


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