IEA SHC Task 44 - Solar Heating an Cooling Task 44, Solar and Heat Pump Systems

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Systems for space heating and
domestic hot water preparation bas
ed on the combination of
solar collectors and heat pumps are currently more and more in demand and are already
provided by several manufacturers. However, the
integration of a heat pump into a solar system
is more complex than wit
h other auxiliary systems,
as also the heat sour
ce of the heat pump
(evaporator cycle) can be connected to the whol
e system. Additionally to the standard heat
sources ambient air and ground heat, the solar colle
ctors or the buffer storage tank can also be
used as a source with different possi
bilities of hydraulic integrations.
Up to now, such systems havent been systematic
ally reviewed regarding the application
possibilities, climatic and constructional boundary c
onditions, different conf
iguration possibilities,
optimal control strategies etc.
In the light of rising number
of systems offered, but also a
significant demand form the market, the need fo
r a competent and independent analysis of
these issues is obvious.
In order to ensure that the syst
ems available on the market fu
lfil the goal of
a maximum of
savings of primary energy, it is
urgently necessary to evaluate
the quality of the available and
installed systems in a scientif
ic way and to compare them
among each other and to standard
system solutions. Since there is a lack of st
andardised test methods and methods for the
calculation of performance figures, a sci
entific comparison is not possible.
The goal of the Task 44 is
to positively and durably infl
uence the momentary market
development through collection and
analysis of existing experience
from different publications,
descriptions of available syst
ems and systems under development, measurement data form
laboratory tests and field monitorings, model
ling and simulation, as well as targeted
dissemination of the results to all relevant stakeholders.
The main results of this international cooperation are as follows:
- Technical reports about measur
ements of components and systems;
- Classification of system configurations
with their advantages and disadvantages;
- Development of standardised methods for te
sting and calculation of
performance figures,
as well as qual
ity labelling;
- Development of validated component and s
ystem models for the assessment of different
system configurations and applications;
- Educational material
and publication of the
main results in a reference Task handbook at
the end of the project.
Through the participation of
national R&D institutions
in this project, the results of the activity will
be available also for the Austrian
industry. This can lead to a s
ubstantial increase
of competitive
position of their products on the demanding inte
rnational market, especially through close
cooperation with the partici
pating Institutions.
Effective start/end date1/01/1431/03/14


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