IEA-SHC Task 25 - Haus der Zukunft IEA SHC Ta - Solar Assisted Air Conditioning of Buildings

Project: Research project

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The objective is to improve conditions for the market introduction of solar assisted cooling systems in order to promote a reduction of primary energy consumption and electricity peak loads due to air conditioning and thereby to develop an environment-friendly way of air conditioning buildings. Therefore, the task focuses on:
* The definition of performance criteria of solar assisted cooling systems considering energy, economic performance and environmental benefits;
* The identification and further development of promising solar assisted cooling technologies;
* An optimized integration of solar assisted cooling systems into the building and the HVAC system focusing on an optimized primary energy saving - cost performance; and
* The creation of design tools and design concepts for architects, planners and civil engineers.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/04


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